Interview on The Insider

Cross another one off the F**ket List! I gave The Insider the scoop on my date with Tina Fey and Amy Poehler!

Oh sure, they wanted to know all of the dirty details, so I told them.  You’ll get some of those details in the video.  But what I didn’t get to share was just what AWESOME women they truly are.  You know how sometimes you see celebs on TV or in the movies and you think that they’re fabulous, only to find out that they’re really not?  Well, guess what?  Tina and Amy really are fabulous.  After spending over an hour with them on our date, it was clear to me that they really are the funny, creative, smart, nice, pretty women that we see on the big and small screen.  Plus…they have their own F**ket Lists!  Clearly, when you look at the creative risks they’ve taken, it’s no wonder. So now it’s inspiring me to take even more creative risks.  In fact, just last night, I wore a leopard print nightgown out in public to the screening of my date night with Tina & Amy.  That counts as a creative risk, don’t you think?

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