Holiday Fun: How to Play Strip Dreidel

Strip Dreidel is a fun game that can be played around Hanukah or any time of the year!  No need to be Jewish to enjoy the fun.  Fun can be had by all!


What you need to play:

  1. A dreidel*
  2. A bottle of Maneschewitz wine or Tequila
  3. Shot glasses
  4. 1 or more clothed partners

How to play:

  1. Spin the dreidel.
  2. If the dreidel lands on one of the following letters, do the following:

Nun:  “Nothing!”

Do not remove your clothing.

Do a shot of Maneschewitz wine or Tequila.

Shout “L’Chaim!”

(optional: Your partner may also do a shot with you. As long as he/she shouts “L’Chaim!”)

Hey:  “Half!”

Take off something from the top or bottom half of your body. This must be an article of clothing.  Not a mustache or a sheet of static guard that got caught in your jeans by accident.

Gimmel: “Everything!”

Depending on your mood (or how tipsy you are), you may take off all of your clothes.  This will end the game.  But this will also start another game (wink wink).  Now, if you do not wish to disrobe at this time, then upon seeing Gimmel, you must shout “L’Chaim all around!” within three seconds.  This is the new and improved “three second rule.”  This means that everyone must drink!  It also means that everyone must remove an article of clothing.

Shin:  “Put in!”

Okay.  I think we’re all adults here.  So I’m going to assume that you know what to put in. And where.  Mazel Tov!  But if you’re not sure, then my mother says, “Please refer to my daughter’s book, ‘Fifty Two Shades of Blueish.’”  If you follow Mom’s advice, you’ll figure out what to do.

Now, if you are sure that you know what it means, but are not “in the mood,” then you may decide to “Put In” the following:  Candy in your mouth, a finger in your own or your partner’s ear, or an insole into your Jimmy Choos.  You are also entitled to be creative and make up your own “Put In’s.”

Now you are officially ready to play “Spin the Dreidel!”

Remember, the goal is to get naked and have a good time.

So…get naked and have a good time!

“Yes. You should have a good time,” my mother said to tell you.  “My daughter spent a long time making up this game especially for you!”

Why am I quoting my mother at a time like this?


* A dreidel is a spinning top with four Hebrew letters that stand for the saying “Nes Gadol Haya Sham,” which means, “A great miracle happened there.”

Hopefully, a great miracle will happen the night you play Spin Dreidel.  If not, then ask yourself “Why?”  Is it you?  Or maybe you need to get a new partner(s)?  I’m just not sure.  But what I am sure of is that you should not blame me.  Why?  Oy.  You didn’t have a good time?  I made this game especially for you.  I feel guilty already…

** If you do not know your Hebrew letters and you happen to have a dreidel that does not have the English transliteration (which is a very big word for the English translation of the Hebrew letter), then do not fret or kvetch.  Instead, make up your own rules!  Just make sure that you are tipsy and naked by spin number 18.  Why 18 you might ask?  Because, that’s why…I mean, Chai!

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